Temporarily Closed
Host4Post is now temporarily closed for service. Simplified hosting plans, a new website and forums, and more are on the way! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

What's going on?

Pardon our dust - we here at Host4Post have begun the process of upgrading to a brand-new website and forum. The current website design that you're looking at has been in use for the greater part of Host4Post's tenure throughout the years, and it's high time for an upgrade.

I currently have hosting - am I losing access? Are my files safe?

Short answer: You still have access, and your files are safe.

Long answer: All users who currently host with us have already received an email with details. Here's the gist of it: No hosting accounts are being immediately suspended, and we aren't changing servers, so we're not anticipating any data loss whatsoever. However, as everyone knows, we haven't been enforcing the post-to-host mechanic for months due to a software failure. When the H4P upgrade is launched, we will return to strictly enforcing the post-to-host requirements as dictated by our new hosting plans. We highly encourage everyone to perform a backup of their website contents ASAP (although backups should be regularly performed regardless).

What are your new hosting plans?

The new plans are also TBA, and will be officially revealed when the new website is launched. All accounts currently hosting with Host4Post have already been transferred to the new plans to prevent issues on relaunch, but their details have not been absolutely finalized yet.

I do not currently have a hosting plan - when can I sign up?

Once the new website and forums are launched, we will immediately accept new hosting registrations again. Stay tuned!

Where can I keep up with updates?

As stated in the announcement at the top, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We will most assuredly make a big announcement when the relaunch is complete!