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A challenger achiever are the most specific words to describe her. Nothing was out of reach to her and writing was not an exception! She held her pen to express her feelings as early as the age of nine. From there she started to write the story of her own life. She writes to breathe. She always seemed to chase the impossible to give it the permission to exist in her world. "if I learn Hindi will you send me to work in the Indian Cinema?" She asked her father, willing to do whatever it takes to learn a language with absolutely no one to help her to. And as he assured her he would, she could learn to speak and write Urdu and Hindi in less than ten months. Her parents tested her a lot, pushing her to randomly speak to Indians and Pakistani people in shops, restaurants and hospitals with doctors and nurses. They finally were sure she could. She wrote a Five-page letter, that was never sent, to an Indian movie star. That letter was proof to her father of her writing abilities in a complete foreign language,Which was not taught in schools. And then she was assured that she had the writing tools to use in any language she could speak .


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