About Host 4 Post

Host 4 Post is a free cPanel web-hosting provider, with a twist. Unlike many of the other providers out there, we have a model which is built to last, and has proved to be sustainable. The twist is two-fold:

1. We are sponsored by a high quality hosting provider, who strives to keep the service quality high, and hosting online.

2. Rather than just providing hosting for return on advertising from your site - we ask you give something back: your time in our community. All of our plans are kept alive by you making a specific number of posts a month. This allows us to keep a friendly feel to the site, and you get some awesome powerful hosting!

Our history

Host 4 Post was originally set up in August 2009 by Cohen & Joshua, until unfortunately Joshua had to drop the project. Cohen just had no time to run the site due to other commitments. He tried to sell the site, but had no luck.

Then, in December 2009, Cohen & Leyton brought Host 4 Post Back. Cohen & Leyton started a great admin partnership on ColoRanks and together they are going to be running Host 4 Post. Cohen & Leyton hope you enjoyed the changes and the great plans that Host 4 Post offers.

Following this, the site grew steadily, and so did our amount of users. There were a couple of blips and changes to our hosting, but we ultimately remained stable.

In July 2012, Leyton and Cohen found their time heavily constrained - and invested their trust into Ben to take on the service. Ben has done a great job since then - but with Leyton joining the team again in December 2012, the site is set to continue to grow; as changes start to roll in again.

Financial support

This service is supplied and paid for by the two dedicated administrators: Ben and Leyton. Alongside this, some costs are off balanced by some kind community donations, and the unobtrusive advertisements used on this website and our community forums.



The administrators

Ben Cousins

My Host 4 Post story started in May 2011. I was studying my Cert III in Information Technology (Web Based Technologies) and it was a Wednesday morning. I was chatting to an American friend, who told me about here, but was not sure if I'd fit the "Posting Requirements". Sure, like most members, a couple of my posts were edited, and I got a bit angry, but who didn't?

So I kept my head down for a while. I bought an unlimited plan, and left the forums for a while.

I returned to the Forums in November 2011 after I got bored of RailPage. I decided a bit of 'hosting' discussions would do me good. So I started posting.

In March 2012 I was asked by Cohen to be a moderator, after losing out on applying earlier in the year, I accepted with no hesitation. I was offered a job at 123com not long after being promoted to a Moderator, and I answered a lot of hosting questions speedily on the forums, giving Cohen relaxing space.

In late July 2012, I was promoted again, to an Administrator, where my main role was undertaking support queries. I'm still a bit n00bish at this.

In early August 2012, Cohen contacted me by Facebook telling me he was selling up. I tried my best to talk him out of it, but to no avail. He posted on MyBB community forums, and about an hour later I decided I'd take the lot.

Here I am today, running the show.

A bit about me:

  • » I am a keen rail entusiast, Images can be found here
  • » I have a considerable amount of experience in both Windows and Linux server administration, as I am forced to use both on a daily basis
  • » I am a supporter of no sports team
  • » I spend a lot of time programming things for my websites
  • » I am only 18

Welcome to H4P, Hope your stay is a long one :)

Leyton Reed

Host 4 Post has been an active project of mine for a long time now, born out of a partnership formed online, and a success story of the ability of people to work together to make something successful. At least, thats what I think.

Myself and Cohen met on a forum called DiscussAdmin which was run by a guy called Kyle (Infranight). After joining the community there, being a keen system administrator, me and Cohen seemed to get along really well. When DiscussAdmin closed it's doors, me and Cohen stayed in contact - and eventually opened our first site: "ColoRanks". The site was a pretty good success - we worked hard at it! This lead us to invest our joint knowledge in other ventures; namely Host 4 Post and DiscussTech. DiscussTech failed catastrophically - but Host 4 Post took off like a rocket.

Being a hosting provider, I supplied the technical expertise, and Cohen brought along his community skills. A match made in heaven for a site like this to flourish. Rapid growth was fantastic, but eventually, but business took up too much of my time, and after a few years of being continually active, I had to tail off. I do wholly regret that.

But, with my latest company getting on its feet, after the sale of 123COM, I am happy to be back here, bringing some old features back, and trying to drive community spirit up! This is a great place, and users have both loved and hated their time here - but, that's what the internet is for! I just feel nostalgic being back here after so long.