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Avner Shefa

A place with courage to let me be very different and let me do my magic

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Everything I ever wrote, from a love letter to a commercial, from a script to technical content, from a published novel to a post - in somewhat awkward way, my head wasn’t and still is, not there. I don’t think while writing and normally don’t need more then one rewrite (unless mathematics in it). I wonder for hours deep into the true fundamentals of the topic or character and after cracking a POV that most probably no one saw before, I sit down and don’t stop writing. Yep I know, it might sound crazy but I’m like in a Complete different zone when I’m in that world. Sometimes for 10 hours in a raw. There were rare times that even 20. it’s from within me. And that is why my career as Tv creator went skyrocketing. Cause I do in 1 day what most writers do in a month. The result is always compelling and touching or direct and strict and funny and emotional ands smart and always leaving you wondering. It’s not up to me. It’s up to you. I can write for any targeted group cause I simply identify with them in seconds and have broad knowledge on just about anything cause I simply find everything fascinating. With all humbleness, I’m probably one of the best ‘all around’ writers worldwide and my shows are my proven record. Wrote commercial, newsletters, entire campaigns from scratch , novels, mega hit TV SHOWs, columns. Would be happy to send some parts of my new book which is all notes from my notes app and it’s demonstrating accurately my non script ways to deliver a magic.


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  • I Truly Went Through Everything In My Life And Experienced So Many Sorts Techniques And Jobs . To Be Honest I Can Tell You Two Things:A. A Good Writer Needs More Erasers The Pencils. B. I Can Truly And No Sweating Write In An Inspirational Way About Anything.