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Full Version: Search and purchase expired domain!
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Of course, you think an expired domain, only the acquisition or extension, right? But in fact exist in the world of SEO concepts help shape a field are more preferred: buy the domain expires.
[Image: di-GB3S.jpg]
Why hunt for an expired domain?
First, we need to know the purpose for the domain expiration date has new owners. From what I understand, an expired domain will still be valid if there are several outstanding following criteria:
- Nice domain name: usually you will choose good domain name, brief and easy to remember. However, the opportunity to own the domain name better than that (eg combining short and keyword "expensive" for example ..) will still be available for anyone to quickly purchase the domain name has expired .
- The domain name has "historical value": Oh, that's all but said literature is essentially the domain of history as more "attention" and "first order" (Created date) soon, opportunity to place it occupies in the search and display higher.
- Domain name ranked high: ranking can mean numbers appear to be greater than 0 at the top of the Alexa ranking, Google Pagerank and specifically named in the list such as DMOZ.
- The amount of keywords and index the content is large: this is not necessary to discuss, if you own a domain that big of searches through Google, you will find it more valuable, right?
The purpose of these hunts
The domain expired by the time fixed for the month and the company released after three months since the old owners did not want to spend money domain extension. Then, your chance to grab that domain to develop or sell the content is better compared to the negotiation with your former employer to an early redemption expires.
If the domain name speculators, they prefer to buy the expired domain names and values​​, because it has a high resale value, even though they might lose more from a few months to several years to "take care "as the domain.
If you are doing SEO, they care about the domain expiration of the first rank given by the domain offers. SEO to operate effectively, many companies use the website systems incorporating interconnected, but the domain is purchased as a long time (ie from the first time purchase of the first owner) and Alexa Rank and PageRank is Google's for as long, its value to the larger search engines and SEO time will shorten.
And if you are the amateur blogger? The question is funny, but you try to think why not buy some expired domain names with rankings is available to start writing about any topic that you love children. It's great if you'll have more visits than because it is a beautiful and memorable domain name as well as more friendly to Google, for example.
You want to try looking for expired domain?
To search for domain names, you can visit this website, register (to be able to track both the domain expire, watch the time to order) and unleash scours the world of expired domain names (with to 3 million domain names are available in stock for your choice of there again!)
You can also see the domain list .com expired sorted by Google Pagerank, in just 24 hours after the expiration of a lot like an expired domain.
If you find a domain that expired and catch, let me know!!! Good luck
Thank you followed....
You can purchase an old domain if it has some relevance to your website, but buying one without any relevance would be a very stupid idea.
the best is always to buy a fresh new domain
I think being resellers domain is more fun than normal registers.

But picking old domains from those brand company can make them in a big pinch.
Can make them paid us in high price to get it back.:giggle:
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