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Quick Feb Update - Geek Cohen - 02-17-2010 10:46 PM

Hello everyone,

Just thought i would post a quick update about Host 4 Post.

Well, it has been pretty busy since Christmas, a lot of things have happened! We have hit more than 100 members. More than 200 Threads and coming up to 2,000 posts! Good work everyone!

First of all, thanks to a member suggestion for a shoutbox / chat system. The chat system is now online - - We must thank Leyton for creating this and adding it in, greatly appreciated.

We have had more members, which means more website hosting accounts! It is great to see Host 4 Post working well for many members and we thank you all for choosing Host 4 Post. Along with this, we have had a few members upgrade to the Unlimited Hosting Page for $7.50 Per Year.

Another great note is the feedback from members, we love to hear feedback and we thank you all! Some of the feedback we have had is "Great Reliable Support, Very quick response and helpful support." - That is great to hear. Don't forgot you can submit your feedback or

Finally our adsense account has being going very well!!!! Over all of the Cohenl Network sites, we are closing in on $100!!!! We are only $9 away! i must thank you all for clicking, please continue clicking as it supports the website running costs, not only for Host 4 Post, but for the other Cohenl Network Websites! The more $$$ we have, the better we can make the sites which of course includes Host 4 Post!

I think that about covers it. As i have said many times, thanks a lot for everyone supports, feedback, suggestions.... pretty much everything!!! Thank you so much and Thanks for for choosing Host 4 Post!!!


Quick Feb Update - ccalby - 02-18-2010 02:53 AM

Thanks for the update, this site has grown alot recently, I was the 16th member I think to join..

Well done Host4Post


Quick Feb Update - Brandon - 02-19-2010 01:55 PM

Great job everyone! i hope we get more members!

Quick Feb Update - Geek Cohen - 02-19-2010 05:58 PM

Yep, a big thank you to everyone and we are getting members each and every day, which is good Smile

Quick Feb Update - autga - 02-19-2010 10:07 PM

Thanks you to host4post.. i satidfaction with their service


have succesed hosting..