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About Dhivya

Strategies are owned & plans are proposed, only through writing! For what more shall she sweat for, other than writing? Dhivya loves to write.

Writing is her job - Writing is her passion - Writing is love for her! Having pursued Engineering in the Information Technology field, she still did have a little hope that writing would be a career for her. The Psychologist has experience as a freelance writer for 3+ years. Dhivya has worked with almost 10 different organizations which had so much exposure for her to learn. Since she always keeps herself occupied & engaged in writing for her clients, Dhivya rarely gets distracted from other influences & this extends as her greatest strength.

The passionate writer writes on diverse content & also hold experience in working on social media content, SEO, keyword reference, E-commerce websites, landing pages, product descriptions, blogs, articles and lots more. She chose to discover new styles of writing, infinite tones & SEO strategies to stay the best way that she could. Fortunately, she has a unique style of writing for each project that she worked for.

Moreover, she has completed courses on ‘Inbound Marketing’ and ‘Content Marketing’ in HubSpot Academy.

Approach the most refreshing content writer & threaten her with the ideas she holds to implement the content flawlessly. Discover the uniqueness in her texture of words!

She meets your expectations and your users will eventually become her readers!


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