Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked questions about our services, how to use them, and how can they be "free". But, do not fear, we have compiled a list of those most frequently asked questions, and answered them below.

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Q: "How does it work?"

The idea behind Host 4 Post is quite simple really, it's a model called "Post2Host", whereby you receive hosting in response to posting on a forum.

In our case, we have several plans which offer different resources for different amounts of posts per month. To receive your hosting, make the minimum amount of posts each month over at our community forums, and a cPanel account will be issued to you, then kept online as long as you keep fulfilling your posting quota.

Q: "How can you offer these services for free?"

This is a question we hear all too regularly, and the answer is fairly simple. Our success is attributed to a small team of dedicated and passionate individuals, who all care about keeping the project alive. On top of this, Host 4 Post receives a generous donation from imagineLayer to provide infrastructure and support in order to maintain our fantastic service quality. Everything else is covered by both friendly donations from community members, and unobtrusive advertisements around our website and forums.

Q: "What's the catch?"

There is no catch, simply post on our community forums, and in return, you will receive your hosting absolutely free!

Q: "Do my posts roll over?"

"For example, if my plan costs 5 posts per month, and I make 50 posts in one month; will I be set for 10 months of hosting?"

Unfortunately, we do not carry your post count over each month. This means that irrespective of how many posts you make in a month (provided you meet your quota), you will be expected to meet your quota with new posts in the following month.

In response to the example, if you make 50 posts in one month - you will have more than met your quota for that month; but you will still need to come back next month and make another 5 posts.

You can only claim one month of hosting at a time.

Q: "What are the Host 4 Post nameservers?"

In order to use your own domain with our hosting services, you must point your domain name at our nameservers so it routes properly via our network. These must be set at your domain registrar.

Our nameservers are as follows:

  • » NS1:
  • » NS2:

Q: "What happens if I don't meet my posting quota?"

We are fairly understanding when it comes to not meeting your posting quota, if you raise a ticket about it before hand. If you don't raise a ticket, then your account will become suspended (demo), and eventually Terminated if you don't contact us about it. We do try to inform you as mcuch as possible about how far from your quota you are at any time. The best bet is to contact us if you're unsure about meeting your quota, or if your account gets suspended.