Why go for Host 4 Post?

We believe that Host 4 Post is a unique community, as one of the leaders in Post 2 Host services to date. Our passion for providing high quality services for free is evident, and we work to help all of our community members. However, if you still need persuading, we've summarised the key benefits of joining Host 4 Post below.

Services that just work.

As mentioned above, we strive to provide the best service we can. Our aim is to please as many of our community members as we can - maintaining the quality of the community, by maintaining the quality of our services. Our uptime records speak for themselves.

Uptime report (powered by StatusCake)

With software like Installatron and Softaculous, coupled with the industry leading cPanel control panel, our hosting truly does come fully feature-packed with everything you might need to get yourself online. Our impressive feature list is all backed by tired-and-tested infrastructure provided by imagineLayer, so you know that your website is in the safest of hands.

Our infrastructure.

We run a virtualised infrastructure, allowing us to separate out each of the hosting roles to individual Virtual Servers - for maximum redundancy, and to make the most of the resources available to us.

Morpheus (hosting cluster)

As we use OpenVZ on this powerful hardware, we are able to resize our containers on-the-fly to ensure that every role has the resources it needs to function properly. Add in our amazing gigabit network, and you'll find that we offer services of absolutely excellent quality, with fantastic connectivity.

For users that want the best reliability, we offer an externally hosted DNS solution, as well as email services from imagineLayer to ensure that even if our web server went offline, your email and other DNS records would still respond.

Tried, tested, and approved.

It's all well-and-good boasting about our technology and how amazing that makes Host 4 Post's services; but ultimately what matters is that it is working to please our users. As such, we have pulled together some testimonials from our community forums to reveal users' response to our services.

"Best Hosting Ever!" (by NBardales)

OK, so the title might sound a little cookie, but it is the truth. For far too long (about 1 year) I tested and used a free hosting service, and even though it wasn't so bad, it had many attacks and no uptime guarantee. I then started researching again and came across Post2Host systems, and among these, I found Host4Post.

Enough with the back-story, Host4Post's main page is very straight-forward and easy to understand, you can easily search for the plans and learn more about them. The web address is very easy to remember too, I no longer have to struggle with domain names.

The Forums are nicely organized into sub-forums, you clearly understand where to post, where to ask questions and where to simply chat with other members. Along with this, are the Rules, Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, which clearly explain what you can and can't do. And with the FAQs, there's no way you'll get lost when using Host4Post.

The Community is GREAT, the admins are always there to help and many users are always posting news, offers and great deals they find around the internet. Personally, I joined and exclusive network, available only through invitation, thanks to a Host4Post member.

Previously mentioned, cPanel is one of the greatest features of the hosting service, you get quality hosting, with quality management for a few quality posts each month! And if you're like me, you'll love posting and sharing information with an active community that will reply and comment on your threads quickly and with quality information.

Brief recap: easy-to-understand main website, active forums and community, extremely supportive staff, quality hosting and cPanel, for POSTING! Simply amazing...

Thank you Host4Post!

"Simply GREAT!" (by Karanasher)

It was way back in November 2010 that I first came across this wonderful Post2Host service named Host4Post. Two of my friends had recommended this website and they told me it would be a great experience to a part of this community.

The homepage of the website does speak for itself. You've got the hosting plans displayed above with forum rules, user cp neatly arranged and the forms and sub-forums categorically spaced to perfection which leaves you with no doubt or confusion in finding the right category.

Talking about the community, in the recent times, I haven't seen a community as active as Host4Post. It's great to share and collect information with all the members and I must say one thing that I've learnt a lot from H4P than i could have by doing experiments all by myself- Thanks to the service provided.

Last but never the least, what adds cherry to the cake is the SUPPORTIVE staff of H4P. I've had a few weird experiences with my account and the staff was ready to help round the clock. Whenever I've submitted a support ticket, I've got my issue solved within 24 hours.

So this is karanasher giving H4P a vote of thanks and wished all the very best for the future.

"Host4Post" (by Gerculy)

Hey, what can I say about Host4Post? Let's see! It has Good Staff, a Great Community, and Great Hosting Plans. I registered only two days ago, and am happy because my link is already on Google.

I join other forums like this, but nobody was like this. Active Forum. Stuff and Great Look. I would recommend it.

"What I think" (by Geek)

I personally think Host4Post is the best hosting provider out there. I bought the SUPER cheap Unlimited plan, and I couldn't of been happier with it.

I've been using it for awhile now, and it's been great. Sure, there has been problems here and there, but Leyton and Cohen get right on it and get it fixed as soon as they can - I've talked to Cohen alot, and he's always there to help. I currently am running about 3 sites (soon to be 4) on my unlimited plan, and they all run smoothly and my users love my sites and how fast they usually are.

Thanks Host4Post for the great hosting service, and I will keep using it as long as I can.

"My Opinion" (by iBye)

I've been with Host4Post for a couple of months now, and I can say I'm really happy with what they offer. I've been with tons of, I mean TONS of free hosts, and most of them seem good in the beginning. They offer nice specs, great uptime etc. but most of them die or disappears after a while. Host4Post offers great specs and a high uptime and they have no plans on leaving us behind.

I can't see any reason not to get a hosting package on Host4Post!

"Great Service" (by Chase)

I just wanted to write this up - I've been on Host4Post for a long time now, and it really never took off. But now, I'm seeing tons of more activity and great members. I guess it took a while, but you guys pulled it off. When I did use your service, you had outstanding customer support and an easy sign-up process. Your staff interacts with the customers, and makes this place have a great, active, community.

Once I get another site, I'll definitely consider hosting here. 10/10 - great job.